Women are not the only people who want to correct skin imperfections or soften wrinkles. Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers laser treatments as one of our many medical spa services for men. Lasers treatments offer a solution for minor lines, wrinkles, or skin discoloration. As the years pass, it becomes more difficult for men to maintain their youthful appearance or address skin issues through skin care practices alone.

Developments in laser technology allow us to bring more effective results than ever to our patients. Our laser treatment for men resurfaces the skin, stimulating collagen production and erasing imperfections. We gently remove outer layers of damaged skin cells, so that new skin with improved texture, tone, and pigmentation can be revealed.

This procedure works well for patients who are looking to repair their skin from sun damage and acne scars. Laser treatment for men gives skin an improved texture and a more youthful glow with minimal downtime.

Treatment You Can Understand

The recovery time, level of discomfort, and speed of results largely depend on a man’s skin condition and on which resurfacing methods are being used. During an ablative procedure, we direct a more intense beam of laser light energy at the skin, removing the thin outer layers. A carbon dioxide laser is commonly used during ablative laser resurfacing. This treatment typically necessitates a lengthier recovery period; however, results tend to be more dramatic.

In contrast, our non-ablative lasers do not remove any layers of skin, but rather stimulate the growth of collagen. This helps tighten underlying skin and results in a more youthful appearance. This process offers a shorter recovery period with results becoming more pronounced over the course of multiple appointments.

The typical procedure will take about 45 minutes and may depends on the size of the area being treated.

Man with smooth complexion from our laser treatments for men.

Men deserve youthful and healthy skin.

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Ideal Patients

It is vital to bring solutions for aging that are individualized and work for each client. An evaluation of your skin will determine if you fall into the category of patients who would benefit from laser treatment for men.

  • Acne scarring and blemishes
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age Spots
  • Scars
  • Large Pores
  • Loose Skin

The laser energy used in the procedure varies based on skin type and is adjusted by our physicians. This not only allows us to provide a tailored treatment to every patient but also safely achieve the most effective cosmetic results.

The Right Center for You

Ageless Rejuvenation Center provides the best and most updated laser treatment options. We will tailor your procedure to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about laser treatment for men and to schedule a consultation with the Ageless Rejuvenation Center team!