Men can benefit from the unique body contouring services that are offered at Ageless Rejuvenation Center. These treatments are meant for those looking for a convenient and non-invasive way to target the unwanted fat that can accumulate around the stomach, love handles, or even the chin.

Our treatments can help you achieve a more streamlined, sleek physique by reshaping the silhouette. It is ideal for men who may have excess skin due to weight loss, or who haven’t been able to achieve their desired results from diet and exercise alone.

Before and after photos of a man who received our body contouring in Jacksonville, FL.

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The First Steps

Our physicians will sit down with every client to consult with you to identify your trouble spots and figure out exactly what form of body contouring service is ideal for your situation.

One of our more advanced techniques used is Fun Sculpting. This procedure is used to remove fat deposits and create a smoother and toned look to your body. Fun Sculpting is a type of liposculpture treatment that does not cut out or burn off your fat. Instead, it uses vibration assisted cannulas that stimulate the fat cells.

From your chest to your love handles, Fun Sculpting can give you the best result available.  In addition, body etching may be performed to reveal your “six pack.” After the first procedure, your cells and skin will still be stimulated enough to cause fat loss for up to 6 months.

Fun Sculpting for men is ideal for gynecomastia “man boobs”, belly fat, flanks, chest and arms.

We use NuEra TightTM and EMSCULPT technologies to optimize sculpting results for problem areas. These are both FDA cleared devices that eliminate and minimize the circumference of fat cells in this multi-dimensional and multimodality approach.

A controlled, monopolar radiofrequency energy targets subcutaneous adipose tissue and uses low frequency and high conductivity radiofrequency technology. With this, we can treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle and the destruction of fat cells is permanent. We target, heat, and destroy fat cells all while maintaining a comfortable experience for you the patient.

Following Your Procedure

Most of the side effects that you feel will be mild and may include moderate redness, which typically subsides within a few hours, and superficial lumps or nodules on the skin, which can be massaged out. Patients tend to notice improvements in the treated area around the six-week mark and real results are evident after three months.

Other surgical options like liposuction are expensive and require lengthy downtime and recovery. Those who are looking for an efficient solution that requires little to no downtime will find that Body Contouring for men is minimally invasive. We at Ageless Rejuvenation always strive to offer competitive prices to suit your budget.