Having painful or embarrassing spider veins can not only affect your self-confidence, but also your quality of life. If taking more conservative approaches to alleviate the pain of spider veins, (such as wearing support hose or making lifestyle changes) has proved unsuccessful, hope is not lost. Fortunately, sclerotherapy spider vein treatment is a great solution for individuals wishing to permanently eradicate spider veins. In today’s article, we’ll discuss more about sclerotherapy for spider veins, including how the procedure works, and what you can expect after you have it done.

What Are Spider Veins?

The term spider vein refers to the small superficial veins that are visible beneath the skin’s surface. These dilated, small blood vessels have a twisted appearance and are red, purple, or blue in color. A number of factors can predispose someone to have spider veins, such as having a profession that involves lots of standing (such as nursing, or hair styling for example), using birth control pills, obesity, or even heredity. Not only can spider veins be embarrassing for some, but pain is also common, as most sufferers experience aching or cramping in the legs. Wearing compression or support hose may alleviate some discomfort, but many individuals seek sclerotherapy as a more permanent solution.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive treatment for spider veins. With sclerotherapy, a special solution is injected into your spider veins. The walls of these veins are then essentially forced to close, and blood can no longer travel through them, requiring it to find another route. Once a sclerosant is injected directly into the targeted spider veins and these veins will spasm shut, eventually, your body will dissolve and absorb the closed veins. As the spider veins disappear over time, the result is beautiful, pain-free legs. Results of sclerotherapy for spider veins are typically seen within a few weeks, with full results being evident after about two months.

Ageless Rejuvenation Center

Sclerotherapy means that getting beautiful, pain-free legs has never been easier! For many who suffer from painful or embarrassing spider veins, this minimally invasive procedure is the first step to increasing self-confidence and eliminating pain. If you’d like to learn more about spider vein treatments, contact us today. We’d love to share more information about sclerotherapy for spider veins, as well as our other options for vein treatment. Our team of physicians can create a tailored vein treatment plan for you, so you can achieve the smooth, vein-free legs you’ve always dreamed of!