The team here at Ageless Rejuvenation Center will always provide the most cutting-edge and unique treatments. Our Jacksonville, FL patients can receive stem cell treatment to improve their skin, hair, body and get an overall more youthful appearance. As one of our body perfecting services, stem cell therapy can reverse signs of aging by bringing a more youthful look to you.

With a combination of stem cells derived from fat, amnion membrane cells, and ACell® medical products, Ageless Rejuvenation Center can achieve facial rejuvenation, or reverse the signs of hair loss, but also augment the amount of fat that can be retained after fat injections for body contouring.


Patients who are looking to rejuvenate their skin are the best choices when considering stem cell therapy. The procedure is ideal for clients that want to soften wrinkles, make their cheekbones appear more defined, or receive an overall more radiant look to their facial complexion.

Stem cell therapy is also ideal for clients experiencing thinning hair, as well as individuals who wish to perfect skin on other parts of the body as a part of a tailored, comprehensive course of treatment for body contouring.

We offer stem cell treatment for facial rejuvenation by using your own Platelet Rich Plasma PRP and Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF to increase collagen and blood flow to the skin. Additionally, our physicians provide a proprietary customized procedure for hair loss.  ACell® connects with adult stem cells, converting them into the progenitor cells that grow new hair. We inject ACell® in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma for truly stunning results.

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Treatment Benefits

Because stem cell treatment is used to work toward body perfecting, it is only right that the benefits of the therapy are fantastic.

  • Non-invasive and hold none of the risks associated with surgical procedures

  • No general anesthesia is needed for stem cell injection treatments

  • Can return to home or work right after the procedure

  • The risk of an allergic reaction from a stem cell injection is minimal

Your Stem Cell Injection Procedure

Receiving a stem cell injection for facial rejuvenation or hair loss is a three-step process.

One of our physicians will proceed to draw blood and then put into a centrifuge. After 14 to 15 minutes, the centrifuge will have separated your blood into three distinct layers: platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells.

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is mixed with stem cells and ACell® material. The infused plasma is drawn into a syringe and then injected into the targeted areas of your scalp or face. Treatment sessions last 45 minutes to one hour.

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Ageless Rejuvenation Center provides the highest quality stem cell therapy. Our patients know they are receiving the best treatments available to work toward body perfecting. Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule a consultation!