For many women, having a fuller and smoother pout can help give them the more youthful appearance they want. However, with so many types of lip fillers on the market, it can be difficult to discern which filler will be best for you. In today’s article, well examine Restylane® and Juvederm®—two of the most popular types of lip fillers available today. Both lip fillers are similar; however, there are some key differences to keep in mind if you are considering either of these injectables.

What Are Juvederm® and Restylane®?

Restylane® and Juvederm® are hyaluronic acid-containing dermal fillers used for treating signs of skin aging on the lips or face. These types of lip fillers use the power of hyaluronic acid to create smoothness and fullness in the lips. Restylane® and Juvederm® work to selectively restoring hyaluronic acid levels in the lips by acting as a binding agent between water and skin. This results in the restoration of moisture and plumpness, giving the lips a more full, youthful appearance.

Restylane Silk® vs. Juvederm® For Lips

Both Restylane Silk® and Juvederm® for lips have many similarities. Both types of lip fillers are considered non-invasive, and the procedures for administering them are largely the same. Patients will likely have similar experiences in terms of the actual injection of both lip fillers, as both Restylane® and Juvederm® contain Lidocaine to alleviate pain during the procedure, and each procedure is usually only 20 minutes or less in length. The biggest differences between these types of lip fillers lie in their costs and their results:

  • Results: With Juvederm®, results are immediate. Once a physician administers the injection, lips immediately appear fuller and smoother. With Restylane® on the other hand, results begin appearing a few days after the injection. It’s also important to consider the length of time that results last. With Juvederm®, usually results last one year, whereas with Restylane® results last about ten months. Juvederm has 35% more hyaluronic acid, and some attribute this to higher content to its slightly longer-lasting results.
  • Cost: The average cost of Juvederm® is slightly higher than Restylane®, as results are usually longer lasting. The average cost for Restylane® injections is between $300 and $650 per injection, whereas the average cost for Juvederm® is generally around $600 per injection. It’s worth noting that how much you pay will be dictated by how many injections you receive and where you live.

Ageless Rejuvenation Center for Lip Injections in Jacksonville, FL

If you are interested in fuller, smoother lips, Restylane Silk® and Juvederm Voluma® are two types of lip fillers worth consideration. It’s essential to consult with a physician to determine which injectable will be right for you. At Ageless Rejuvenation Center, we offer both Restylane® and Juvederm® for patients looking to achieve a fuller more youthful appearance to their lips. We are committed to offering our patients cutting edge injectables in a safe and comfortable environment. To learn more about Restylane® and Juvederm®, contact us today to schedule a consultation!