Our patients look for a range of services to deal with vein issues which include VenaSeal®. Ageless Rejuvenation Center is proud to offer the only FDA approved non-thermal, non-tumescent, and non-sclerosant vein procedure for our clients. This treatment utilizes proprietary medical grade glue to seal off the central saphenous vein in the thigh.

Once the vein has been glued shut, it undergoes a process of hardening (sclerosis) and is gradually absorbed by the body. The VenaSeal® procedure is safe and minimally invasive, making it an excellent option for clients who wish to address problematic superficial veins with minimal pain or discomfort.

Knowing More About VenaSeal®

Our vein solutions are tailored to each client. To determine if a patient’s varicose veins are suitable for the VenaSeal® procedure, our practitioners conduct Venous Doppler Evaluations before creating a treatment plan. This allows us to observe and assess your problematic superficial veins and tailor a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

VenaSeal® does not require multiple needle sticks like other vein procedures. Only one is necessary to give the catheter access to the vein, making it ideal for clients with lower pain thresholds.

Because the procedure uses glue to close varicose veins, the only thing our patients feel is the light pressure applied by our physician to seal the treated vein.

Our patients typically experience minimal bruising and are usually able to resume their normal activities just 24 hours after being treated.

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How the Process Works

During the procedure, your physician fills a syringe with the medical adhesive, which is inserted into the VenaSeal® closure system’s dispensing gun. This gun is attached to a catheter, which is advanced into the diseased vein under ultrasound guidance.

The catheter is placed in specific areas along the diseased vein, and your physician conducts a series of trigger pulls to deliver the medical adhesive. Compression is applied to the leg during the procedure.

Once the catheter is removed, a bandage is then placed over the puncture site. Following the VenaSeal® treatment you may immediately return to your normal activities.

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