The tear trough is the valley that begins at the inner corner of your eyes and travels down and out across your cheek. This valley sits atop the orbital bones that encircle your eye. Many of us have darkening of this area from seasonal allergies or lack of sleep, and some of us are born with the darker pigment that encircles this area. Having a more noticeable tear trough is completely natural and can even occur in children and young adults. However, as aging leads to increased volume loss around the lower eyelid area, a deep tear trough can begin to create a shadowed, “tired,” or aging look around the eye. In these instances, an injectable tear trough filler is an ideal solution.

What Filler Is Used for Tear Trough?

Because of its consistency and long-lasting results, we recommend combination therapy with platelet-rich fibrin and a soft filler such as Restylane Silk.  Restylane Silk is the ideal filler used for the under-eye area because it is a soft and gentle hyaluronic filler that assist with volume. PRF assists in the volume as well as in the texture and pigment.of the skin. It is important to have a consult with your provider to address which combination therapy is ideal for you. Many fillers may be used to camouflage the volume loss around the tear trough, such as Juvederm or Bellafill. We do not use these two fillers in the tear trough because they can  create too much fullness, resulting in an unnatural or “puffy” look.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

When getting a tear trough filler under your eyes, your doctor or PA will clean the treatment area underneath the eye, and then proceed to mark the area with a pencil so that you can see the areas to be filled. Though most patients find the procedure to be completely painless, your doctor will apply a numbing cream to the area to make sure you have a completely comfortable experience. Next, your doctor will inject the product using a safe cannula to gently inject the product into the area needing treatment with our safest protocols. After the injections, you can expect to apply an ice pack to help minimize any swelling. Bruising can occur as the area is vascular, so be sure to ask about our bruising prevention guidelines. Because tear trough filler  it is a non-invasive outpatient procedure, you are free to return to light activity immediately.

How Long Does Tear Trough Filler Last?

When used for filling the under-eye area, the length of time that the filler lasts depends upon the patient. Ideally, Restylane typically lasts from 9 months up to a year. This is due to the fact that there is very little movement in the eye area. Results can last longer—depending on how quickly your body dissolves fillers and the shape of your under-eye area. We recommend tear trough PRF in a series of three treatments. We have seen the best results lasting over eighteen months when PRF is injected every six weeks for a series of three.

Who Is a Great Candidate for Treatment?

It’s important to realize that if skin pigment or vascular issues are the cause of your dark circles, then tear trough filler won’t be able to address this concern, however, PRF and a custom consult can direct you towards a treatment plan. Typically, the best candidates for tear trough filler are patients who complain of a “hollow” or “shadowy” look underneath the eye area, or enlarged fat pockets in the lower eyelids. Ideal candidates also tend to have good skin elasticity and adequate skin thickness.

If you are considering a tear trough treatment, it is extremely important that you select a provider with considerable experience who is capable of evaluating whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. This treatment requires expert technique and thorough knowledge of facial anatomy to avoid complications and properly administer the filler for natural results. Our Providers are national trainers.

Tear Trough Filler in Jacksonville, FL

For many people, a tear trough filler is an ideal solution for having a refreshed under eye area that gives them an overall more youthful, rested look. At Ageless Rejuvenation Center, we offer tear trough filler treatments as a part of our specialized anti-aging solutions. If you are interested in receiving under-eye filler in Jacksonville, FL, contact us today for a consultation.