For many people dealing with unwanted hair, laser hair removal would be a dream come true—as razor burns, ingrown hairs, and constant shaving or waxing would all become a thing of the past. But with all the available information about laser hair removal, it can be overwhelming to determine if the hair removal procedure is right for you. Today we’ll explore more about how laser hair removal works and address a few FAQ’s so that you can learn more about this revolutionary procedure for hair removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment for the reduction of body hair. Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles in the active Anagen phase of growth beneath the skin. The dark hair follicles under the skin absorb the intense light from a laser and cause heat to build up and destroy the follicles, thus preventing continued hair growth. Because every hair follicle is in a different growth phase at any given time, laser treatments are repeated (spaced at least one month apart), and the result is the progressive decrease in hair loss over time to the treated area.

What to Expect

When it comes to an understanding of how laser hair removal works, some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are:

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Many patients compare the sensation to being snapped by a rubber band and find treatments to be tolerable (especially when compared to the pain of waxing). The procedure becomes progressively more comfortable as treatments continue, and the treated hair becomes finer. If, however, you are concerned about pain, your physician can apply a topical analgesic before your procedure.

Are Results Permanent?

Currently, only electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent removal of hair. Electrolysis is, however, significantly more painful, time-consuming, and expensive than laser hair removal. It’s important to realize that while laser hair removal isn’t technically considered permanent, it does result in a significant reduction of hair after six to eight treatments. Because the hair follicles have been damaged, hair growth is drastically reduced to the point where waxing and shaving are no longer needed, as 80-90% of hair is removed.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most patients typically need about six to eight sessions scheduled four to six weeks apart for best results.

Ageless Rejuvenation for Laser Hair Removal

At Ageless Rejuvenation Center, we are proud to provide laser hair removal services as a part of our commitment to bringing our clients safe, specialized body-perfecting solutions. We offer our clients the most effective laser hair removal options available, in our relaxing state of the art Jacksonville facility. If you are interested in learning more about how laser hair removal works, contact us to book a consultation appointment today. Our team of physicians would love to help get you started on the journey to the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve wanted!