Abnormal skin tissue doesn’t have to go untreated. With Ageless Rejuvenation Center, we offer medical cryotherapy as one of our many medical spa services for men. Cryotherapy is a process in which the skin is exposed to subzero temperatures. The cryotherapy benefits have been proven for years and have shown to promote healthy skin.

Men have not experienced cryotherapy benefits until recently. Our center offers the latest technology through a whole-body treatment to assist your health and wellness. Traditional treatments do not show the quality of results that cryotherapy has shown.

Cryotherapy Benefits

By cooling the skin tissue to subzero temperatures, our procedure of cryotherapy has brought healthy and refreshed skin to our patients. Some of the cryotherapy benefits are listed below in case you were thinking of undergoing treatment.

  • Reduction of skin inflammation, muscle inflammation, or other inflammatory conditions

  • Promotes speedy healing of muscle and joint tissues

  • Constriction of blood vessels which removes lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles

  • Pain relief from joint disorders, Rheumatoid diseases, and Fibromyalgia

  • Lower occurrences of the common cold and flu

Experience cryotherapy benefits today.

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Getting Ready for Treatment

Before you are eligible for the procedure, our team must find the right cryotherapy for you. The process is a unique solution that is ideal for men with several health and wellness concerns.

The physicians on staff create a custom plan to treat you which is determined by multiple factors such as age, lifestyle, and habits. Cryotherapy benefits are perfect for those seeking an overall improved health and wellness routine.

The treatment for cryotherapy will begin in the cryosauna. A technician will help you through the process of the procedure by giving you instructions.

Inside the sauna, you will begin to rotate as the gas form of liquid nitrogen is pumped into the room chamber. This will last for around one to three minutes and after you will be given a robe. There does not have to be any gap between when you are fully active.

Ageless Rejuvenation Center is for You

Ageless Rejuvenation Center is one of the few medical spas to offer whole body cryotherapy for men in Jacksonville, FL. We seek to provide our clients with the best and most cutting-edge treatments available, and we are proud to offer cryotherapy as a part of our comprehensive services. To learn more about whole body cryotherapy and to schedule a consultation with the Ageless Rejuvenation Center team, contact us today!