Mistakes made in youth no longer need to have a negative impact on your life today. Ageless Rejuvenation Center in Jacksonville, FL offers laser tattoo removal for men who wish to address their unwanted tattoos. While every man has unique aesthetic needs and goals for tattoo removal, we recognize that they reach a point in life when tattoos lose the appeal they once had. We call this “Tattoo Regret”

Often, an unwanted tattoo can negatively impact self-confidence, relationships, or even employment prospects. If changes in career, age, personal tastes, or lifestyle necessitate your need for tattoo removal, Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers the removal services you need.

We use the PiQo4 laser by Lumenis®, which is safe for all color tattoos and men of all skin types. By sending pulses of light to the tattooed area, the laser is absorbed into the ink and breaks down the pigment. This technology has the largest spot size, hence faster pigment and ink removal.

Other benefits of the PiQo4 laser by Lumenis® include:

  • Skin irregularities

  • Skin toning and Rejuvenation

  • Treats sun damage

  • Facial line and wrinkles

  • Unwanted pigment and lesions

Tattoo removal is just a click away.

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Before and after photos of a man who received laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal and You

For men with tattoos that are unwanted and darker ink, our procedure is perfect for your tattoo removal. The PiQo4 laser by Lumenis® is not only extremely fast, but the removal is also comfortable. You will experience much less pain than other systems. Before going into the laser treatment, your physician will explain the process to you.

Removing Your Tattoo

Your physician will prepare you for the laser treatment by applying a numbing cream. The treatment begins with a handpiece that is the housing for the laser energy being placed against your skin. Pulses of light are then released to target the ink and break down the pigment.

Once treatment is completed, your physician will then apply a petroleum based ointment to keep the area moist. We instruct our patients to apply the ointment as directed by your physician and protect the treated area from dirt. Following treatment, patients should wait 24 hours before showering and avoid swimming pools or hot tubs until the area has completely healed.

Deciding on the Right Center

Laser tattoo removal for men is administered by physicians who are trained and experienced. Ageless Rejuvenation Center is committed to safety when it comes to body-perfecting solutions.

We are proud to specialize in laser tattoo removal for men as one of our medical spa services. Don’t let your unwanted tattoo stand between you and that position or job or the self-confidence you deserve! Contact us today to learn more about how you can enjoy the smooth, ink-free skin you’ve been wanting!