Today, a growing number of men wish to combat the visible signs of aging that keep them from looking and feeling their best. Consistent self-care and fitness practices alone are not enough to slow the progressive signs of aging, and many men have found Botox® or Brotox and other injectables to be a perfect solution!

Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers Botox® and other dermal fillers just for men. Botox® is an FDA approved treatment that is ideal for men who wish to target fine lines, frown lines, facial creases, lip creases, or chin dimples for a more youthful appearance.

Botox® is typically injected directly into the muscles between the eyebrows, but it is also used to treat the crow’s feet area around the eyes. The off-label uses for Botox® are increasing, with it recently receiving FDA clearance for application to smooth out forehead wrinkles. This filler is perfect for any man who wants their face to have a smoother appearance.

Minimal Risks

When dealing with Botox®, there are no significant risks that would be there with surgical facelifts because it only needs a small puncture at the injection site.

Getting Back to Work

Following the procedure, patients are free to head home or work and return to their normal activities.

Personalized Results

Because of its many off-label uses, our physicians can customize the results of Botox® for each man based on his cosmetic needs or concerns.

Clients Who Fit Botox®

We believe that the health and safety of every client of Ageless Rejuvenation Center is our priority. Since Botox® is FDA approved, the procedure is safe for men with all skin types and complexions.

The first time you receive Botox® you’ll meet with one of our physicians for a consultation appointment. Here, you’ll be asked to share your aesthetic goals and the details of your medical history so that we can ensure that Botox® will be a safe and effective treatment option for you.

Before and after photo of man who received Botox treatment.Before and after photo of man who received Botox treatment.

Find men’s solution to aging at Ageless.

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Your Appointment

The treatment typically does not last for more than 20 minutes. The physician that you have will find and make marks on the sites ready for injection. Before injecting the filler, the area will be cleaned, and you are offered numbing cream or ice to numb the site. Using a micro-needle, your physician will inject Botox® into the sites followed by ice and pressure applied directly to the treated areas.

Choosing the Right Location

Botox® is a technique-sensitive procedure and should be administered by physicians and not practitioners or aestheticians. Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers the safest anti-aging solutions available.

Why should women have all the fun? Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers Botox® for men as a part of our commitment to providing the best medical spa treatments for men in the Jacksonville, FL area. Contact us today to learn more about Botox® and to schedule a consultation with the Ageless Rejuvenation Center team!