Ageless Rejuvenation Center in Jacksonville strives to offer the best treatments for all our patients. One of those treatments is Restylane®. Restylane® is a dermal filler treatment that can help you appear more youthful and refreshed by reducing facial lines and wrinkles. Our clients with volume loss in the cheeks, Crow’s feet and lines around their mouths can benefit from this procedure.

Restylane® works by selectively restoring hyaluronic acid levels in areas where clients desire it the most. When injected into areas displaying signs of aging, Restylane® acts as a binding agent between water and skin. This results in the restoration of moisture and plumpness, giving skin a more youthful appearance.

Types and Benefits

Our team of trained and board-certified physicians provide the best in injectables available. Restylane® is perfect for any all skin types and colors, and the variety of fillers can address many different concerns.

  • Restylane®– Facial wrinkles and folds
  • Restylane® DEFYNE- Restore cheek volume, deep smile and laugh lines
  • Restylane® REFYNE- Moderate smile and laugh lines
  • Restylane® SILK- Lips and lip lines
  • Restylane® LYFT- Cheeks, facial wrinkles, and restore volume to backs of hands

The Restylane® procedure brings benefits to you without surgery and with reduced side effects. After undergoing the treatment, the downtime is nearly nonexistent, and you will be able to go back to normal activities.

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Preparing for Restylane®

We want your appointment to be fast and effective, and with our talented physicians and trained staff, you will be in and out in around 20 minutes.

Your physician will go over the information from the consultation before preparing the areas of your face you will be treating, then they will clean and numb the injection site before proceeding.

Using a micro-needle, they will then inject the Restylane® directly into the facial areas to restore volume and minimize lines and wrinkles. The injectable will be distributed throughout your skin to ensure that the result is an even, youthful appearance.

The Ageless Difference

Procedures like Restylane® and other injectables require professionals administering them that are certified and trained in the treatment. Ageless Rejuvenation Center ensures that everyone employed is a medical expert in facial anatomy and injection techniques.

This results in Ageless Rejuvenation Center giving only the highest quality procedures for our patients. Most spas do not use physicians to administer Restylane®  but instead use practitioners or aestheticians. We are dedicated to bringing our clients safe and specialized solutions for anti-aging. Contact us today to learn more about Restylane® and to schedule a consultation with the Ageless Rejuvenation Center team!