Many of our clients wish to reduce the fine lines, frown lines, facial creases, lip creases from smoking, or chin dimples. Dysport® is a non-surgical, anti-aging treatment that Ageless Rejuvenation Center offers that is ideal for these clients. We can provide a procedure that will bring you a more youthful appearance.

Dysport® works much like Botox®, using the same family of neurotoxins to block your nerve impulses to the injected muscles temporarily. This reduces the muscle activity between the brows and forehead and other facial muscles.

As a newer alternative to Botox® and because of its smaller molecular protein structure, Dysport® offers less potential for allergic or immune reaction. Dysport® is the best option for patients who have built up an “immunity” to Botox® over several years.

Dysport® is typically injected directly into the muscles between the eyebrows to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and treats the crow’s feet area around the eyes. Dysport® has a multi-use nature for our clients without the need for a surgical facelift.

Understand Your Procedure

After your first consultation appointment, your physician will review any information that was discussed. The areas of the face that will be treated are cleaned and marked before the procedure begins.

Using a micro-needle, your physician will inject Dysport® directly into the facial muscles. Ice and pressure will then be applied to the treated areas to help discourage temporary swelling. This treatment comes with an array of benefits that are listed below.

  • No risks like with facelifts. Require a slight puncture, and results in no scarring.

  • All patients can return to their normal activities with no downtime after undergoing the procedure.

  • Results of Dysport® have a quicker onset than Botox®, with results starting to appear within 24 through 48 hours.

Before and after photo of a woman who received Dysport injections.
Before and after photo of a man who received Dysport injections.

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Is Dysport® for You?

Our clients at Ageless Rejuvenation are our top priority. Dysport® is safe for all skin types and colors and before receiving a Dysport® injection for the first time, you’ll meet with one of our physicians for a consultation appointment. Here, you’ll be asked to share your aesthetic goals, and the details of your medical history so we can ensure Dysport® will be a safe and effective treatment option.

Why Ageless Rejuvenation Center

When you are looking for the highest quality treatments, Ageless Rejuvenation Center is the one stop shop for every injectable procedure. Our team of physicians are licensed and trained to administer these treatments.

Our medical spa is different. Board-certified physicians perform Dysport® injections and other treatments. This is all a part of our commitment to bringing our clients safe, specialized anti-aging solutions, and offering our clients the most cutting edge injectables available. Contact us today.