Ageless Rejuvenation Center works with clients looking for non-surgical, anti-aging treatments to solve issues with fine lines, facial creases, frown lines, lip creases, or chin dimples. Botox® is an FDA approved injectable that is ideal for a more youthful appearance in our patients. Our Jacksonville, FL patients can use Botox® to create a more lifted and smoother appearance.

By injecting Botox® into the muscles in your face, the nerve impulses are blocked, and your muscle activity is reduced. Typically, the treatment is meant for the muscles around the eyebrows and eyes, but off label uses for Botox® have been rapidly increasing.

Understanding the Benefits

Our team of physicians will consult with each patient to understand if Botox® is the best option for you. Any skin type and color can benefit from the procedure, but your aesthetic goals and details of your medical history will be discussed beforehand.

This treatment is safe and results in little to no downtime. You will be able to return home as soon as the procedure is complete. Each patient is different, and our physicians will customize the perfect Botox® treatment for you based on your needs.

It is vital to understand that receiving Botox® injections is not a permanent solution. The results of the procedure will last around three to four months and should be treated again.

Before and after photo of a woman who received Botox treatment.
Before and after photo of a woman who received Botox treatment.
Before and after photo of a woman who received Botox treatment.

Work toward lifted and smoother skin.

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Talking With Our Team

The initial Botox® treatment will only last around 20 minutes or less. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the appointment is quick, efficient, and safe for every patient.

The areas of your face that are set to be treated will be identified and marked. There will be a cleanser applied to the site, and if needed, the physician can numb the injection site using cream or ice.

Botox® will be injected into your facial muscles by the physician using a micro-needle. Ice and pressure will be applied to the treatment area to keep swelling down.

Choosing Ageless Rejuvenation Center

Botox® must be administered in a technique-sensitive manner. Only individuals who are trained medical experts administer the treatments at Ageless Rejuvenation Center.

These physicians are board certified and will bring their technical expertise to injecting our multiple treatments. We are committed to the safety of our clients and delivering the best injectables available.

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