Medical cryotherapy traditionally involves the use of liquid nitrogen to treat abnormal skin tissue, and it has been used for decades across multiple disciplines to promote rapid healing of skin and muscles. Today, advances in technology mean that the power of whole-body cryotherapy can be harvested for revolutionary health and wellness benefits.

By applying hyper-cool temperatures to the skin’s surface, whole-body cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes. At Ageless Rejuvenation Center, we offer you the latest in cryotherapy technology in the form of a unique treatment that brings health and wellness benefits unmatched by traditional therapies.

How Cryotherapy Helps

There are many different benefits of whole-body cryotherapy. Those have been listed below for your convenience.

  • Reduction of muscle inflammation and resulting soreness

  • Promotes speedy healing of muscle and joint tissues, relieving inflammation and symptoms of soreness

  • Patients often experience pain relief from joint disorders, Rheumatoid diseases, and Fibromyalgia

  • Supports the immune system and lowers the occurrence of the common cold and flu

  • Improves workout Recovery

  • Mental sharpness and well-being

  • Weight Management

Woman receiving cryotherapy treatment on her neck.

Cool your body and reach for health and wellness with us.

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Getting Ready for the Procedure

Your whole-body cryotherapy appointment begins in one of our relaxing treatment rooms. There, you will change into a robe, socks, slippers, gloves, and underwear. You’ll also be instructed to remove all jewelry.

Next, you will step into the cryosauna where treatment begins. One of our technicians will remain with you during the procedure to provide guidance and support. You will slowly rotate around as the gasiform liquid Nitrogen is pumped into the chamber. After one to three minutes, you will be provided a robe as you exit. You may return to full activity immediately.

The Perfect Match

We find that whole body cryotherapy is ideal for clients who want to rejuvenate their body and receive health and wellness benefits not offered by more traditional treatments.

Whole-body cryotherapy is a unique solution that is ideal for clients with several health and wellness concerns, from individuals seeking relief from chronic pain to individuals seeking expedited healing for muscle injuries.

As a part of our commitment to delivering health and wellness solutions that are tailored to each patient, our physicians create custom treatment plans that largely depend on the age, lifestyle, experienced symptoms, and personal habits of our patients. We incorporate whole-body cryotherapy into a patient’s overall health and wellness plan to help them meet their goals and increase their quality of life.

We also offer Local cryotherapy for targeted treatments and Cryofacials. The Cryotherapy facial “Frotox” helps to restore radiance, reduces inflammation and improves skin quality. This treatment is especially useful on skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis.

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Ageless Rejuvenation Center is one of the few medical spas to offer whole body cryotherapy and cryofacials in Jacksonville FL. We seek to provide our clients with the best treatments available, and we are proud to provide cryotherapy as a part of our comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Contact us today to learn more about whole body cryotherapy and to schedule a consultation with the Ageless Rejuvenation Center team today!