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What is Fun Sculpting?

For many individuals who are looking to re-sculpt their bodies and remove unwanted fat, traditional surgical liposuction procedures are beyond their comfort zone. However, recent advances in medicine have led to the development of lipo-sculpting procedures that are minimally invasive alternatives to traditional liposuction. One of these procedures that have recently been gaining popularity is Fun Sculpting. Let’s take a closer look at Fun Sculpting, and go over what you should know if you’re considering this unique and cutting-edge procedure. What Exactly is Fun Sculpting? Fun Sculpting is a minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring procedure. It is designed [...]

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Ageless Rejuvenation Center Featured on First Coast Living to Discuss Fun Sculpting

Ageless Rejuvenation Center's Physician Assistant, Joni Collins Ricketts, and Practice Manager, Lindsay Johnson, were featured on First Coast Living discussing Fun Sculpting--the latest advancement in body contouring. Watch the video to learn more about what this minimally-invasive procedure can do for you.

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